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At the Rio Grande Zoo, The Amphibian Exhibit "LIFE ON A LIMB"

This was the project I was most involved with over the Summer of 2012.  It started in June of 2012, with Eric Pfiffer and Captain Crunch, Crunch used to do the traffic repeort for 94 rock.  His personality carries into real life.  Eric is an amzing teacher and artist. 

We started off by building moulds of leaves, grouped and individual.  Put up tar paper and  Lathe onto the walls, stucco, cement formed the trees, which were pre formed with lathing.   Then we did press moulds  of the leaves many at a time with special blend plaster,  Crunch and I under the direction of Eric.  After filling the walls with big plaster moulds we did fill on the seams and buldup for texture with individual leaves.  After that was completed, we filled with grouting on all seems.  The walls wer painted black by Crunch and I went in nd painted all the green, yellow, white.. etc to build up shadow into the texture, and onto the trees as well.

During this time I was making stencils to be used on cieling , front doors of entrance and on the posts into the foyer.  I cut over 600 stencils of leaves, as they do wear, also for combinations of layered build-up.  With spray paint of various jungle colours and shades.

I also contributed to the extensive murals in and out of the building.

I invite you to come out to see it in person, it opened August 3rd 2012, Rose and I have our wedding aniversarry on that day, we had our 25th.  Beautiful Love!

You can see this project at the Albuquerque Zoo:

This was a wonderful project and experience to contribute to one of my favoutite interests the zoo, animals and the biopark.
Thanks to Julie, Shannon, Erick, Krunch, the whole construction crew athe the biobpark.. Never have I met a better bunch of people!


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