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Award Winning, sales on every content in the world. My first inklings as an artist were from childhood, I would make clay pots from the clay my father would remove from digging post holes.

My art training was early on the summer of 1975, I had inclinations for drawing, coloring, painting on anything and everything. So my mom got me an art teacher, I can't remember his name but we started in drawing a horse, two weeks in it was wierd for me to go. That was when Edith Peter, I called her Grandma Peter. We spent weeks that summer draing birds, painting birds in watercolor. Then we went on to perspectives and sketching old buildings, she had pictures of all manner of buildings, churches, forests of northern New Mexico. She really liked Aspens, the tree in it's simple singular or forest setting. She had me paint Las Trampas Church, I won the Valencia County Fair and 100 Dollars along with first place ribbon. I lived with that triumph until I was 30, then the art flood began.

I attended school for Drafting and Design with UNM in 1996, I have taken several art classes at CNM along with a degree in Network Administration and Systems Administration 2013 to 2015.

Featuring a varied body of work, themed in day of the dead all for the sake of impermanence, I also like to think of myself as a miniature carver, or a netsuke artist if you will. I enjoy the finish works of antler more than any other medium.

I did my first carving in 1996 and that summer did over 500 paintings, sold everthing at the Santa Fe Flea Market, and that was it, I fell in love with creating art as a living. I Am MADLY in love with my Wife Rose, who I am proud to call partner since 1988. We have two Boys together Lance and Kyle, 25 and 17 respectively... I plan on carving till I am gone!

The Contemporary Hispanic Market. That was my beginnings, Mr John Boggs interviewed me for New Mexico Magazine 2009.  2006 First Place Amateur Carver, 2006 Honorable Mention Spanish Arts, 2006 First Place Amateur Santero, 2011 Honorable Mention Expo NM Spanish Arts, 2011 Avientado Award Contemporary Hispanic Market.
- Scott P. Garcia

Featured in 25Years of CHM
JULY 2011

Featured in New Mexico Magazine
November 2009


Oscar Lozoya of Lozoya Studios honored me, by turning me into art, to obtain prints (Limted Edition 10 only) contact :

When I need building supplies I only use

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